1. Great start – I spend an average $3,500 a month by myself, without counting what Mr. FIRE spends! That does pay for two properties though (the one we live in, and my investment)

    Also, you’ve sold yourself short – you’ve got Acorns in there as a ‘spend’ – but that’s $47.83 that you’ve invested so you should definitely move that to over to ‘savings’! 🙂

    • pia

      Ah you are right! Though I listed it as a ‘spending’ initially as it was leaving my account. Having said that, you’ve got me thinking that instead of listing it as a spending I should have an investment table instead.


      • Absolutely an investment table! For one thing you don’t want to be kicking yourself for a ‘high spend’ when you should be rewarding yourself for a high invest!

        But also by mixing it in with the spending you’ll confuse yourself about what you need in an emergency fund – in emergency times you’ll stop investing so your spend will be much lower.

  2. Great job on your first round-up post! I know what you mean about finding your voice, I still struggle with it often too. Sometimes I create a post only to free write and never publish it. It helps to get my thoughts out.

    ~$1700 is pretty good, I don’t think we’ve ever hit this low (excluding rent) this year yet. Our variable costs never seem to go down – a big expense seem to always come up. Ugh.

    I recently moved from Optus to Vaya and I’m loving it so far. (SIM-only). I’m happy with the service, so far.

    • pia

      It’s not quite an eternal struggle, but certainly something that takes time. I do the same with verbal vomit posts! This topic is quite a different one to what I used to blog about as well, so it’s been interesting trying to form my posts and thoughts.

      I have heard a lot about Vaya! The barefoot investor community seems to push that a fair bit. I actually moved within Vodafone to a sim-only plan so it will cost half the amount I have been paying before. Looking forward to that $50 savings per month! I think I will either push that to Ratesetter or Acorns – haven’t quite decided yet.

      I think my June expenditure will be way higher… I just spent $600 on just work resources last week so there’s no way June will be looking quite as nice. Whoops.

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