1. I’ve never been a fan of iceberg lettuce, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never had it cooked in anything. However, I’m of the “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it” school, so reading this post while I was meal planning for the week means I’m going to give it a go!

    • pia

      Ah thanks for alerting me to the mistake, I wrote cups on the lettuce instead of chicken stock, whoops! You don’t actually need 2 cups lettuce but it will certainly do no harm! If you don’t like iceberg lettuce, you can swap it for any type of spinach or even bok choy. It’s a really flexible recipe. Glad to hear you are going to try it!

      • We had it for lunch today. What a simple, quick recipe and an easy way to get fish in our diet. I had no problem with the iceberg lettuce, and Mr. ETT likes iceberg, so he was happy. I added sweet chilli sauce instead of chilli, and that gave it just the right amount of bite for me. I’m going to add this to my favourite recipes in Evernote, thanks.

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