1. I’m a fan of dreaming big 🙂 I like to make goals I know are just beyond my reach, then see if I can hit them. I’m never disappointed when I don’t because they’re like kickstarter stretch goals. Great if you made it, but you’re still successful without it.

    Not sure how the readership will feel about my consistent ‘failures’ though :p

    • pia

      Yes, I agree with you. Even if you achieve only a percentage of the goal be it 90% or 10%, it’s still an achievement over 0%! As long as you don’t fall into the trap of ‘beating yourself up’ and then subsequently giving up, it can only be a positive thing.

    • pia

      Ah yes, I have found a lot of books to be fairly old! My other issue is that many books aren’t written from the australian perspective so I get royally confused by IRO and 401k when I read all the american books. But I persist anyways. Will definitely update this list as we go long.

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