1. Y’know, after almost 9months with Acorns I JUST found the statements. Through the web app they’re tucked away under ‘settings’, that’s super confusing.

    Just twiddling my thumbs waiting for my tax statement to come through. Really interested to get a 9month snapshot on one piece of paper.

    • pia

      Oh my gosh, yes. Why they put it under settings I don’t know. It’s silly! And not having them available on the mobile app is extra silly.
      I was wondering if I should be waiting for my tax statement from Acorns but I had barely started (and was making a loss) through the month before EOFY so not sure if I should wait till the end of this month…

  2. fiexplorer

    Hey! Interesting to read your perspective on Acorns (and your blog is really beautifully written and designed!). I agree that the fees are higher than optimum – for me the remaining value is that it “creates” new small investment that I otherwise wouldn’t organise to make. If you’re disciplined and have a little more to invest, there are better choices. I hope as the model matures, the fees start falling.

    • pia

      Ah thank you for your compliment! I am with you, I do think it’s a great foot in the door and a great window into this world-that-could-be for many non-investors. I just wonder whether its really wanting to help its target market, or exploit its target market… hm…

  3. I also have been wondering about Acorns. I’ve seen it in other places and hear good things, but like you I wonder if micro-investing is worth it. And the $1.25 fee does seem high, but if the balance is high I guess it scales down.

    • pia

      Yes, definitely if your balance is high, then the fee becomes an easier pill to swallow. But I keep wondering, with these apps aimed at people who are trying to break into the market, who may not have anything beyond the loose change to invest – will their balance really get high enough anywhere fast to make it worthwhile? More worthwhile than a high interest savings account? Big question mark.

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