1. Retiring On My Terms

    Great post and thanks for sharing that calculator! It is amazing how some of those little expenses can add up over time. Several weeks ago I calculated that I have probably cost myself nearly $50,000 by purchasing my lunch at work almost every day of my career!

    • pia

      Oh gosh, isn’t it scary when you start adding up the numbers and it starts looking insane? Since tracking expenditure, I just balk at the number I come to every month and it’s really doing my head in. Which I guess is a good thing because that means I will actively do something about it!

    • pia

      I was resistant for the longest time, I blamed everything under the sun but lactose! But I bought lactose free milk on a whim and all the issues I’ve had…. disappeared. Darnit.

  2. That picture of hot chocolate looks amazing (sorry, I know that’s the opposite of what this post is about!)

    I find that when I’ve stayed away from buying something for a while, I also get a real shock about how the price has increased. I guess it shows that when you are doing something every day, you don’t really notice that the incremental price rises really end up adding up.

    • pia

      I wish my hot chocolate actually looked like that, I might have reacted less violently to the pricetag! And you are quite right, you don’t notice the incremental price rises if they sneak it onto you 10 cents or 50 cents at a time. It’s really taught me that I need to review my expenses with more scrutiny!

  3. Woah, that’s expensive! Isn’t that the price of milkshake?

    We only have “proper coffee” on weekends. I used to have it at least 3x a week just because the cafe is on my way to work. I stopped for dietary reasons mainly but cost was a factor too. I’ve probably saved at least $1500 the last 2 years for giving takeaway coffee alone. 🙂

    Great post! Thanks for sharing the calculator, too. Sorry your hot choc didn’t taste as nice as $6.50.

    • pia

      You are right! I didn’t even think of it that way – $7 would get me a milkshake. And even at $7 for a milkshake, I’m quite reluctant to pay that these days because I can make my own for so much less and be in complete control of how much sugar you actually consume. That’s kinda scary to think about, really.

  4. I’m a big hot chocolate lover! But $6.50 for a cup is complete madness. For that I can purchase an entire box of instant hot chocolate from the supermarket which will make 20+ cups of hot chocolate. It is easy to forget how much we really spend since it is just a few dollars here and there. This calculator is a great tool to remind ourselves to how much a little bit can add up to!

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