1. Nice reminder here – everyone needs a strategy of what they are investing in and why. And to really understand the investments too.

    I wouldn’t personally invest in Cryptocurrencies or BrickX, but everyone is different. REIT’s are ok. I’m happy to get my exposure to them via our listed investment companies (LICs)-they usually have some REIT’s as part of their diversified portfolio.

    The biggest lesson I learnt was to focus on generating strong and growing income from your investments, and not depend on capital appreciation, which is far less reliable.

    • pia

      Mm yes! I haven’t looked enough into REITs to decide how I want to go about them, so inevitably as my understanding grows, I believe a stronger decision will be made there. I don’t intend to invest big in crypto or Brickx. I don’t believe in relying on capital appreciation too, but I like the idea behind Brickx and a soft spot for innovative ideas that are different from the norm. The idea behind Brickx is intriguing and I actually don’t expect to see much of a return there at all. So in time, I will probably withdraw the money and invest somewhere else, but we’ll see. As for crypto, I decided to invest some in them because again I really like the idea and the technology behind it. I think it’s an exciting space and will just keep a little finger in the pie, just enough to keep an eye on things. There is great potential, but such a volatile market!

  2. Great post, Pia! This is a very timely reminder for us as we finally started planning our investment strategy. We do have a plan and we’re both excited about it.

    I agree the most with being patient and sticking to your plan. Sometimes I do get a bit impatient and I feel like I want to buy everything at the same time.

    I don’t think we’ll invest in crypto currency or BrickX but we’ll be trying Ratesetter too.

    It’ll be interesting to look back at this post in 3 years! Good luck (to us)!

    • pia

      The husband is slowly coming over I think. He hasn’t shown much interest in finance / investing, but he is happy to listen to me talk, sometimes has an opinion and happy for me to carve out our future. He’s not quite excited about it as I am, but oh well!

      Yes, I’m with you – I want to go out there and buy everything now!! Definitely good luck to you and me both, I can’t wait till the next few years have passed in order to look back and see how far we have come.

  3. Your investment plan sounds eerily similar to mine! The same why, and the same goal!
    I’m leaning more heavily towards shares 75%, cash 20% and then 5% for exploring P2P lending (maybe ratesetter since I keep hearing so much about it).
    Best of luck to you! Keep us updated on how you go 😊

  4. Hello Pia,
    Great post. I think the six points you mentioned definitely are the few most people foraying into the world of investment could miss.
    Hope to see more from you in the future!

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