1. I heard about that too 🙁 my SAPOL friends shared the facebook post looking for witnesses / dash cams.

    On a cheerful note – you’re now the second Adelaide FI blogger I know of (along with Wealth Bogan) – almost worthy of a local meet up 🙂

    • pia

      Did you read today’s news? 14 years old, the criminal driver. 14. I am angry with the world again.

      And oh hey! I’d be down for having some local mates to talk about finance-y stuff (literally have nobody around me, hence why this blog) and I just thought of something, perhaps you need to come by for a boardgames night then ;p

  2. Glad you are both OK. I find the lack of respect for other people maddening. That’s why if I hear my friends talking about stupid things they did, I don’t stop in voicing my disapproval any more. Kill yourself if you want to, but how dare you put other people’s lives at risk. “It was only 10k over, there was no one else around…” Not good enough. Pure luck. Do the right thing, it’s not that friggin’ hard. Also, the hypocrisy when they find themselves on the receiving end of someone else’s stupidity. Or blaming the police for catching them instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. Phew, that was a total rant, but I stand by it.

  3. Sorry to hear that Pia. Luckily you’re ok and relatively unaffected in the scheme of things.
    It’s sad how some people just don’t think/care about how their actions affects others. Just basic inconsiderate behaviour can make me very angry, because it’s an indicator they just don’t give a f.. about anything except themselves

    I try not to watch the news for this very reason, I just end up hating people lol.

    • pia

      Thanks Dave. It is indeed sad. I can’t stay away from the news though. I never used to understand the fascination with reading the news when I was growing up, but I am hooked. Radio, print media, or through the internet, I’m mostly consuming news. But I agree, I do end up hating people quite a fair bit!

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