1. How amazing is Java Hut! Service is great, serves are massive and the food is amazing! I love that place.

    I also visited a specific nursery just past Gawler, not this weekend but the one before. I don’t think it lives up to the hype, but I did get 4 strawberry plants – fingers crossed for bountiful berries! Hopefully I can winter them over this time as well.

    • pia

      Hm! I’m curious to know which nursery you went to now. Fingers crossed for your strawberry plants – how did they go with the crazy weather over the weekend?

  2. I always enjoy reading posts like this. It’s nice to read something very personal (and light), in a blog community that is focused on numbers and goals and money.

    I clicked on the Zward link and I want to go! I’m including it in our to visit list. 🙂 Adelaide is that one place we always want to visit but we tend to push back our plans because it’s ‘so close’. We made it to Mt. Gambier this year, thought. So close! Also, that salad looks gooood! Maybe I’ll remake it this week.

    • pia

      Oh nice! Mount gambier is pretty good, plus so pretty. I’ve been meaning to head back there but time / money / … time mostly, is the problem. And thank you as well – I think I quite enjoyed these little snippets into everyday life – I might do it more!

  3. Great post! I love getting to know the person behind the blog a bit more.
    Adelaide has always been on my list of places to visit and finding out more and more about it, cool places to visit, things to eat and fun people that are there makes me want to go even more!
    BTW your food all looks so amazing. You also have really cool plates 🙂

  4. Pia, the artwork is lovely. As someone who is artistically challenged, I’m very impressed at what you achieved in only a single class.

    I too have been shocked at the price of cauliflower on occasion. I didn’t realise it was possible to freeze it, thanks for the tip.

    I’d never heard of Z Ward, but I admit we’ve done our share of gaol tourism. It’s a good reminder – just because something is done a certain way now, doesn’t mean there’s not room for significant change or improvement. Also, great photo opportunities as above. Come to think about it,your food photography is really good too.

    • pia

      Aw thank you. I actually think I’m quite artistically challenged too, don’t get me to draw living things like humans and animals! I can deal with plants but not much else haha.

      If you do freeze cauli, blanch it first. It will allow it to retain the colour much better. But due to our home freezers not being blast freezers, the cauli you freeze is only good for soups and the such as they will lose their crunch as the cell walls have been ruptured by the slow freezing process.

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