1. Fair enough if you have a newer car, but I LOVE my NRMA membership. I reflected recently that this is probably the one insurance that I get value from. They even go so far as to refrain from telling you you’re an idiot when the car won’t start because you’ve forgotten to put it in the right gear!

    Congratulations on the first full month of meal-planning. I did well by having a <$50 week, but a no-buy week is fantastic. How did you both feel only eating out once a month?

    • pia

      I’m a huge insurance believer, my dad lived, breathe, sold insurance so there was never any hope for us not to love insurance. But roadside assist was just one of those things that I don’t see the need if your car is new-ish, keep your car service up to date and carry jumper leads around. Which is something I used to do, but don’t anymore and should start again!

      Actually we ate out once a week – I don’t think I could do once a month! We weren’t regimented about it tho – if we didn’t feel the need to eat out that week, we saved it up till the next week or the week after so we had some ‘eat – out’ credits up our sleeve for when life got tough.

  2. genymoney99

    Oh my car battery died recently too! It was only 3 years old which is a bummer. I bought jumper cables last year when my husband’s car battery died at work and kept them in my car, they come in handy! I put it where the spare tire is.

  3. Great job on putting your investments plan in action! We carried ours in August as well. *high five*

    I do set aside a small amount every month for utilities and categorise it as fixed expense. I do it because I’d like to be prepared since I know we’re paying it off in 2 or 3 months anyway. But you’re right, it does make the graph look a bit better if you do it this way. No sharp increases/decreases.

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