1. We watched it a while back, like you, with no expectations. What surprised me was how much Mr. ETT really enjoyed it. It made us both more aware. I’m not interested in massive declutters (I should be, but I give up because its overwhelming). Instead, I focus on a drawer or a cupboard at a time, then try really hard to keep it that way. It will take me years to finish the whole house, but it is slowly working. Sometimes I open a kitchen cupboard just to appreciate it!

    It sucks to look back at what we were like, but there’s nothing we can do now. I’m just grateful that I finally saw the light. Documentaries like Minimalism help to remind me why it’s important.

  2. Pia, really very nicely you shared your story. There is a time period comes in life where lots of buying and lots of pointless spending of money occurs. That gives us a lesson in the future, create a question in our mind why we did that? Yeah ! it’s true that documentaries like ‘Minimalism’ help to remind us why it’s important.

  3. Wow, awesome lesson you got to learn, from yourself! It’s great that you remember it always now. It will surely be helping you make better decisions these days.

    Yay for less stuff. I personally hate ‘stuff’ in the house. My partner likes it though. I feel great joy when we get rid of things/throw things away. I just hate having stuff all around me, it almost suffocates you!
    Sometimes I think I’d like to start over, in a house with nothing. And just add one thing at a time as it became absolutely necessary.

    You really nailed it when you said ‘not much thinking going on’… this is the problem. People live each day like robots, without thinking about what they’re doing, and doing it every day. In the end they spend most of their life without ‘thinking’ about it.
    I read somewhere – Thinking is the hardest work there is… that’s why so few engage in it.
    Sad but true

    • SMA, me too! We were at a friend’s on the weekend. She built and has been in for nearly 12 months. She has avoided all clutter apart from some tasteful decorative items. She even has one room completely empty (yes, possibly too much house, but still.) It is so relaxing to spend time there. Nothing is out of place because there is basically nothing to be out of place.

  4. We don’t live in a big house, so when it was packed with things, our house always looked messy and I felt stressed out. I’ve been decluttering and donating things the past 2 years, and our place looks way better & cleaner and more organized. Every time I drop off more donations, the lighter I feel and the happier I am that someone else can enjoy things that I barely used and were just sitting on a shelf or in the basement. It’s so worth it. I love living with less stuff. I feel like I have room to breathe and really appreciate what I decided to keep. Not done yet though.

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