1. therichmiser

    I’m very ambivalent about fine dining. I think those rare, “magical” restaurants where the food is truly amazing are worth the money. However, I’ve found that, most of the time, well-known or trendy restaurants are more about hype and ambiance than good food. I usually find that the food at a good, local family restaurant is far better.

    • pia

      I do agree! So many hype restaurants. Hence why I actually pick and choose my fine dining choices very carefully. Even so, I do run into a few ‘argh why did we choose to come here again?” type places. I think the type of food found in good local family restaurants are very different tho and I thoroughly enjoy eating there too. It just depends what you are after, and also personal taste. Thank you for commenting, do come back again!

  2. A good list. We currently just use the free Spotify. I have considered paying for it, but more so I could get it on my phone in the car… but then Poopsie reminds me I have a very low data plan so that wouldn’t work out. We quite often just forget to put music on at home, but we’re getting better at it and find we are using it a lot more.

    Last week we went to a French restaurant for the degustation menu. $208 later… but it was excellent and we loved it. We don’t do these types of things too often so we’re usually more than happy to do so. We didn’t do the wine match either. We are both total lightweights and would probably have trouble walking afterward. Thanks for the tip on the app! I have never heard of it but will definitely use it next time we travel.

    I try not to use the dryer but it actually has nothing to do with money. I find it batters my clothes quite a bit. I tend to buy rather expensive, sometimes delicate clothing, so I like to protect them. We do own one though but I actually can’t even remember the last time we used it.

    Really enjoyed reading this list!

    • pia

      You can actually download the playlist to your phone so that you can play it offline and not using data at all with Spotify.

      Ooh which restaurant did you go to? I’m always keen to hear of good places for degustation and tasting menus all across Australia as we do travel to eat a fair bit too. I don’t use the dryer for my delicate clothes either so I do have quite a few racks to hang dry the delicates on.

  3. We don’t pay for Spotify yet, but I have plans to gift Mr. ETT a subscription for all your reasons above. I think it’s great value. While we pay for Netflix, we share with a family member. They pay for Stan so we use their second licence. I think this is great.

    “Our board game collection is the terrifying” ๐Ÿ˜ We have a few, but it’s mostly shared – we and our friends take turns buying them, so we’ve always got access to far more than we can play. Be honest now – how many do you regularly play? (I played Dark Souls board game for the first time on the weekend. Lots of fun!)

    Using the dryer: Mr. ETT would much rather do this than hang them out, but I am VERY insistent. We even have racks for hanging inside when it’s wet. The only time we would use the dryer is after an extended rain period, and/or for sheets and towels when it’s been raining too long.

    Things I do that aren’t FIRE? I buy garbage bags – I know LadyFIRE says that’s not what FIRE people do! Also, I still subscribe to 3 magazines. One is digital, so I’m happy to keep that. The other two I should get rid of, but I haven’t been able to make the cut yet.

  4. Thanks for the mention ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like going out to eat… IF it’s good food. There’s nothing that makes me angrier than going to a restaurant that charges you a squillion for average food you could easily make at home!

    So we tend to gravitate to the same place or two when we want to eat somewhere, because for me the risk is not worth it. Haha I like to stick with what works!

    Be careful of that thermomix. Hehe you know what can happen with those…

  5. We love Spotify, and not only that, they recently changed their subscription policy to allow students to get Spotify and Hulu for $4.99 (I think it was $4.99). It’s such a good deal!

  6. Great article, love the openness.
    I have been known to buy a $5 latte or two ๐Ÿ™‚
    Something else we spend a little too much money on is our kids birthday parties, however we believe we are creating lasting memories… hopefully not just spoiling them ๐Ÿ˜
    Oh and the odd craft beer ๐Ÿ™‚
    I will say however that the things above that we spend money on bring a little joy to our lives, which is what its all about right?

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